2012 Lara’s League Breast Cancer Mini Sessions = Success

Last weekend, I worked with two wonderful ladies- Gayle Tiller and Tanvi Skiba on the 3rd annual Lara’s League Mini Sessions. This year we decided to host the sessions closer to the holidays so you could use the images for just that purpose. It was a super day– the weather was beautiful (we could have left the gentle breeze off the order, but I’m not complaining– 70 and no rain was great). Over the next few weeks– you’ll definitely see some peeks from these sessions– but first I wanted to share my unsuspecting model. Tanvi and I whipped up this tee-pee (and I use the word whipped up loosely, I got in way over my head with all those ruffles– it took forever). Since we had never used it, I wanted to test it out so I found a willing little subject just tumbling around on the grass (it’s Havalynn’s daughter– everybody who attended the event got to know Havalynn through email— she coordinated the whole thing)! I wish the light had stayed this perfect for the entire day– but the sun doesn’t stay in one place for anybody, unfortunately. Thank you so, so much to everyone who participated! More coming soon, enjoy!

Fleeting Moments | Ashburn Virginia Newborn Photographer

I cannot believe how quickly this last year has flown by. Just one year ago, I was finishing up fall sessions as I went into the final month of my pregnancy. My son is 10 months old and every time I open up newborn images to edit– I think of how quickly these months have passed. I love and wish I could savor each and every milestone he reaches– but I feel like I barely bat an eye and he’s moved on to the next. Moms, breathe in all of these moments, take pictures, write down dates, record those precious sounds– before you know it, they’ve moved along and this is what you have left to remember all those fleeting moments!

My sister, my friend | Leesburg Virginia Family Photography

These little sisters remind me so much of my girls when they were little. The little one was not one bit excited about having a picture taken and the older one had plenty of poses in her back pocket! Smile or no smile, how can you not love those big blue eyes! AND the light was so beautiful– we started out with really bright setting sun, but by about 6:15, it was just perfect! Hope you enjoy the sneak peeks, Mom and Dad! Have a wonderful 10th anniversary!

A new little princess | Ashburn Virginia Newborn Photographer

This little princess was such a little sweetheart and slept so well! I’ll confess, I have a horrible cold and I’m not feeling really creative with words so I’ll keep this short and sweet– enjoy the sneak peeks!

Love times two! | Northern Virginia Multiples Photographer

Two precious little babies, what could be sweeter? This little guy and gal pair were perfect little angels for us. I am always fascinated with new babies, but even more so when there are two of them. Even at a few days old, they seem to share a connection that most of us will never experience or understand. Amazing!